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This game can be played as a single player experience, but is more fun as a Co-Op!
Please drop me some feedback if you play! :)

Gallivant across the galaxy as you break a sweat! In Deep Space Donut you either run on a treadmill or steer the ship. The runner powers the ship using the treadmill giving it thrust and the ship destroys asteroids to collect power ups that replenish the runner's stamina. If the runner begins sweating, the ship will soon start to lurch in any direction at a snail pace. Both the runner and captain (driver) are working in unison. 

WASD to move ship
ENTER to Activate Player 2 Ship
▲▼◄► ARROW Keys to move Player 2 Ship
SHIFT to run on treadmill

Stamina & Power Gauges -->  

Running on the treadmill refills power as the ship drains power by navigating the battlefield. Stamina is replenished through doughnut power ups.

Every once in awhile you can grab a heart pickup to raise your health by one. You can also regain health for every 10,000 points you score!

Player 1 & 2 also has the ability to modify shot pattern on the ship by one of three buttons that each have a cool down period after each use.

Blue  = Wave Shot
Green = Triple Shot
Red = Laser
Yellow = Run

Comma "," or Z to use Wave Shot Button 
Period "." or X to use Triple Shot Button
Forward Slash " / " or C to use Laser Button
"Shift" to Run to Charge the Ship


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Contributor: Trever Berryman


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Deep Space Donuts Windows v1.2 64-bit.zip 33 MB
Deep Space Donuts Windows v1.2 32-bit.zip 31 MB
Deep Space Donuts v1.2 Mac 64-bit.zip 36 MB
Deep Space Donuts v1.2 Mac 32-bit.zip 36 MB

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